Progressive Geothermal Solutions uses geothermal heat pumps, primarily the R-Series and W-Series, manufactured by Maritime Geothermal Ltd.

Privately owned, and Canada based, the company began manufacturing the Nordic® line of heat pumps over 20 years ago and has been continuously raising the bar for the geothermal industry ever since


Liquid-to-Air - for use on open water wells or closed loops, active cooling + DHW assist.

r series heat pumps manufactured by Maritime Geothermal Ltd.The NORDIC® (R)-Series active cooling full package units are similar in appearance to the (O) series however they offer mechanical cooling (active cooling) and are specifically suited to either well water or geothermal ground loops. Active cooling is required for a geothermal ground loop application due to the high fluid temperatures which may be encountered during summer operation. (R) series pumps can provide more cooling than (O) style units in the 4 and 5 hp range. Available in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 5.75 HP versions. Domestic hot water option provides hot water in both the heating and cooling modes.
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Options Available:

  • Domestic hot water desuperheater package.
  • Units featureTurbotec® Turbotec® coaxial water heat exchangers. Cupro nickel heat exchangers available.
  • Taco® slow closing water valve kit available for open loop units.
  • Filter rack is removable for access through a 28" door opening.
  • Completely insulated water lines, accumulator and heat exchanger. 208 and 575v - 3 phase systems available.
  • 10 year extended warranty available.

(R) style units feature an over sized evaporator (Ex. a 3HP heat pump has 5HP Evaporator and a 5HP a 7.5HP evaporator) so that they can achieve very high COP's even when operated on ground loops with EWT's as low as 25°F.


Liquid-to-Water - for use on open water wells and closed ground loops.

Progressive Geothermal Solutions used products available through NordicW-series units are designed to produce large quantities of hot water. Units can be installed on either open well systems or on closed loop systems.
Available with domestic hot water desuperheaters and as either heating only or as heating/cooling systems.

Progressive Geothermal Solutions used products available through Nordic

Very popular for use with concrete in-floor heating systems, swimming pool heating, or any other application where large quantities of hot water are required.

Units are available in capacities from 18,000 Btu (1.5 ton) up to 800,000 Btu (65 tons).

find out more at the Nordic website [click on products on left menu]

Method of Implementation